Flava Works presents - Gay Black and Latin Hardcore Pornography for the iPod Video! World Premiere!

Alright, ya'll asked for it and here we go. Can't bust that nut at the back of the bus cuz you ain't seein' no fuckin'? Well, damn, now for the first time in history you can load up your brand new iPod video with our trailers and beat dat shit real hard. All free to download, whether you need it to ejaculate on your bosses' Big Mac, rub yourself one at your little cousin's 5th birthday party or just go for a little "coffee" break at work; We got ya motherfuckin' ass covered. Forget cell phone porn, this is the future!

In addition these juicy ass trailers we also gots us our popular websites CocoDorm, ThugBoy, CocoBoyz and PapiCock all offering video clips ranging from 5 to 20 minutes that are fully compatible with ya iPod.

Check out what our customers have to say 'bout it:

"Yo, Flava Works, I just can't thank you enough for this. I showed my dad the trailer for Raw Thugs 2 on my iPod. Coming out has never been easier. Thank you so much, now my parents finally know that I suck dick!"

- Y. Robinson

"Wow, I downloaded all your trailers to my iPod. AND DAMN! I spend half my day at work now in the bathroom. This is fuckin' glorious!"

- L. Micheals

"Shit, I just had to get surgery cuz my dick bleeding all over the fuckin place. Usually I only have the visual stimulus to whack it at home, but thanks to your fabulous company I was able to increase my whacking time by over 154%. Fuck yea!"

- D. Smith

"Oh you guys really got me with this one. Now all I gotta do is trade my manual ride for an automatic so I can jerk off on the drive to work. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Life has never been more pleasant!"

- S. Clarkson

"At first the new iPod was a letdown. I mean, nigga please, pay a buck fiddy for music videos with horribly shitty sound quality? Thank you Flava Works for elevating the iPod out of paperweight status with your high quality gay black and latin porn!"

- T. Richards

Download Trailers for your iPod Video below:

31 Flavas

Baby Boy's Dorm

Breion's Dorm

Breion in the Raw

Castro: Behind the Photoshoot

Castro: The Fuck Video

Castro Reloaded

Chino's Dorm

Dorm Life 1&2

Dorm Life 3

Dorm Life 4

Dorm Life 5

Dorm Life 6

Dorm Life 7: Hot & Creamy

Dorm Life 8: Hotter & Creamier

Dorm Life 9: Savor The Nutt

Dorm Life 10: The House Next Door

Dorm Life 11: Revenge of da Nutt

Dorm Life 12: Dick Addiction

FlavaMen Freshman Year 1&2

FlavaMen Sophomore Year 1

FlavaMen Sophomore Year 2

Get Shorty J

J-Rock the Ass Slayer

One Night with the Price

PJ's Dorm

Patrick: Behind the Photoshoot

Platinum: Behind the Photoshoot

Raw Thugs 1

Raw Thugs 2

Raw Thugs 3

Rio Uncut V1

Rio Uncut V2

Romeo Must Ride

Saukei 2 You

Thug Mansion: Breion's Crib

Thug Mansion: Smooth's Crib

Thugboy V1 - Best Of

Thugboy V2 - Errbody Wanna Thug

Thugboy V3 - Layin Da Pipe

Thugboy V4 - Thugged Out

Thugboy V5 - Dick fo Dayz

Thugboy V6 - Playas in Action