Lil Man
Sexy Thuggin


Scene 1: Tezjork & Scorpio
Scorpio’s dick isn’t the only thing on his body that’s long. Check him out as he works Tezjork’s tight ass, preparing for the all out fuckfest ending.
Scene 2: Sayvion, Chino, Jamal & Chris
Interracial bareback scene where the unsuspecting Chris sucks Sayvion off while Chino and Jamal take turns pounding his ass.
Scene 3: Chino, Tyce & Mastermind
This scene showcases freakiness to the fullest. Watch as the 3 models form a human sex sandwich, follow by the big explosion at the end, which happens to be in Tyce’s mouth.
Scene 4: Sayvion, Lil Man & Castro
As Castro works out in the beginning of the scene to show off his sculpted body, Lil Man then decides that he’s going to give him the workout he really needs. A hard dick, a round ass and lube!
Scene 5: Scorpio, Tezjork, Mastermind & Chino
So many dicks and asses in one room! How could a person possibly decide which one to go for first? Well in this scene there seem to be no problems with the boys, cause they chose it all. Fucking, sucking, ass eating, its all here!
Scene 6: Chino, Scorpio, Tyce & Sexy Thuggin
Dual couple action. Tyce gets plowed by Sexy Thuggin as Chino rides his way into a climax.

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12 reviews for DORM LIFE V3

  1. JB

    Dorm Life V3 is the best porn I’ve ever seen, no doubt! The scene with Chino, Mastermind and Tyce is enough set your television on fire…BLAZIN’!!! Classic, baby, classic!

  2. Mike C.

    Love the nonstop sex! Love that threeway with them hotties!

  3. unknown

    fuck yeah, can one of the actors come visit me so I can suck and fuck them

  4. Unknown

  5. mikey

    hey unknown you can suck & fuck me

  6. Robert

    Hello CoCo Dorm!!! Im just wonder yall can handle a black gay deaf for sex?

  7. ricky, brooklyn, NY

    this is by far the wrose pron i’ve seen

  8. donald, bangor, WA

    Yo castro was takin that dick

  9. 706Blackk

    I love to watch my boi, Castro Supreme get his cakes beat up. Niggah so fukk’n fine, I beat off until I shoot blanks 😀

  10. Jmarco, Atlanta GA

    Love to see dat nigg castro giving up the ass—


    I like what I see

  12. J-Man

    Description says includes bareback; listing says "condoms used all scenes." Can’t have it both ways.

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