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13 reviews for FLAVAMEN MAGAZINE ISSUE #17 WINTER 2008

  1. Stin

    Eufeimeo is delicious!!!

  2. narhteyepius

    hello friends
    am narhteyepius live in ghana accra and am a one of the team looking for someone in love but i have a prbleme with the visa and the ticket so please i need help from the team to help me how to know be with and am very serious .so please if any items i well like to here back from the team again
    thank you very much

  3. sadi

    I like big cock

  4. abe 1

    Simply sexy makes my dick water uncontrollably

  5. dreal

    rocks cock pops

  6. jestin

    Vishus dick is lushious i can just take all of that in me right now and them eyes are amazing.

  7. starla


  8. arcadus, memphis, TN

    The two guys i like the best is Rock and eufeimeo

  9. yves alcime

    i want to watchig the movie

  10. greyet, ny, AL

    i love u

  11. purto rico

    I wanna fuck you so bad romeo st james or whatever your name is cause your ass is fat and your cock is so big. OOHHH you makin my cock hard as hell. Keep being sexy. One day me and you gon fuck. AAAWWWW. STICK THAT SHIT IN MY ASS BITCH!!!!!!!!!

  12. Kenneth

    I wish Rock was in my bed every night.
    He is so dam fine and hot.

  13. pg

    viscous and rock make my mouth water!!!!!

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