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21 reviews for FLAVAMEN MAGAZINE ISSUE #19 SUMMER 2009



  2. Valito Smex

    Yessssss I love it! Tyson Kobie & Lex are extremely sexy!


    Alexander Super geil

  4. ver


  5. josvic

    ne gustan los hombres negros

  6. DeAngelo Noel

    my message is to be fuck or get fuck whats up tyson with you and your friends what do u like 901 649-8159

  7. Riccardo, Newark, DE


  8. josvic

    very good

  9. Al, Atlanta, GA

    The cover model, Tyson Kobie, is absolutely the one. Hot! Hot! Hot!



  11. GSB, Harrisburg, PA

    Tyson is smokin!!!!!!!!!!

  12. E Melvin Dickerson

    Tyson Kobie is absolutely the man. My God he’s the only man.


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  14. jany

    kobe is hot

  15. d

    tyson kobie dick is huge i love it love you tyson kobie nice body try to get a yahoo please

  16. Don’t need to kno

    Tyson kobie is cute and from YouTube bids he seems like a good guy to date my guys just want sex and my dick but I ain’t gon lie sumtims I do too

  17. Mike

    Taz is hot. I like to meet him.

  18. deshia

    i love the book an like to meet up with them all an have hot freaky sex

  19. R-diz

    I want Lex to be my Husband Forever

  20. clifton williams

    i will like soms magazine to oder

  21. cromel

    i lowe tu taz alexander[leo koganya],welcome to rumenia,i lowe tu,i lowe tu polla.

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