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16 reviews for FLAVAMEN MAGAZINE ISSUE #20 FALL 2009

  1. Jordan Lavery

    i think markell is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot and sticky i would love to ride his big ass dick yummy

  2. Valito Smex

    Sexy men, especially Markell. 😉

  3. mane cardoso

    very appetizing guys

  4. george gammons

    i lke this he look to fine and good

  5. DeAngelo, Memphis, TN

    HELLO I READY MARKELL NiNja i want to talk now

  6. joe


  7. joel james

    i wish i cood be a part of all that fuching it’s look so grate my big black bick was so hard from watching all that fucking it’s was grate grate thank u. how cood i joine up with u gys let me on ok my love.

  8. LeRondh’ell

    Ninja is so good looking and Marcus is handsome too. Markell’s kinda big faced but sexy. Last little suga is pretty tho.

  9. tuff

    hot, all 10’s

  10. donald

    markell, you are the best model i have ever see. and the only one whom have made me log in and out of this web page.keep it up. you are my mentol. wish to meet you one day.

  11. joel james

    this Dvd is off the change i love it and i love markus ass i wood love to fuck it for him

  12. JC


  13. James Smith

    Ninja Nixon is the best looking of all the model he is a ten plus off the hook. i would like to see Ninja get fuck by Shooty J or Vito in all position.

  14. Dareson, Fort Worth, TX

    you no how to spice up your mag. puts some pics of yall fuckin but nice dicks

  15. markell

  16. milton

    Ninja Nixon is beyond phine he is a ten plus Black Man.

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