14 reviews for Flavamen Magazine Issue #24 (2010)

  1. great


  2. hans

    verry good man

  3. mattygoot

    love all you hood niggah i would love to lick all of your asses and cocks

  4. kevin, Philadelphia, PA

    okay, but where r the azz shots

  5. Joe

    Hey my man, I give you your propts, you have a nice big dick and not only that, you are so fine and I do belive you can through that big pretty dick.

  6. Terri, Philadelphia, PA

    Waiting for it now. Can’t waite to see Shabazz & Usher. When are the DVD’s coming ?

  7. reddb01

    love all the dominicans, uncut boiz, chocolate brothaz, nice mix nice flava

  8. klim

    thank you guys for those beautiful dicks. Nice productions. Love to suck Shabazz.

  9. Laurency Gaston

    no wonder black inches went down, your guys put thiers to shame

  10. desmarais philippe

    je commande cette dvd

  11. booba

    I love usher, fine az hell

  12. hotboi2020

    usher that dick is long a pretty i wish it was inside me

  13. Lovet

    Them hot guy know how to fuck em:)

  14. rawlings

    usher you are hot ! i would love to suck that monster dick of his.

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