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Enjoy a year’s worth of the hottest Black & Latin men. Get ready for powerful muscles, hard bodies, and handsome faces in this sexiest all Black & Latin male calendar. Spend 2006 with steamy sensuality with a different man every month. The calendar lists U.S. holidays.

9 reviews for FLAVAMEN CALENDAR 2006

  1. ronald, philadelphia, PA

  2. Phil Bleichr

  3. juan

    hola como andan estan muy guapos

  4. shaheam

  5. john

    I must commend what your doing

  6. Brother Tracy Gibson

    i love flava men and i want to work for you

  7. Mike Gallo

    Good product!
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  8. steven watson

    love the models

  9. Damian Britto

    I love black cock

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