The sexist Black & Latino men from the #1 selling Black & Latin magazine take it all off in this 2009 calendar. Enjoy a year’s worth of the hottest Black & Latin men. Get ready for powerful muscles, hard bodies, and handsome faces in this sexiest all Black & Latin male calendar. Spend 2009 with steamy sensuality with a different man every month. The calendar lists U.S. holidays.

16 reviews for FLAVAMEN X-RATED 2009 CALENDAR

  1. Brandon, New Castle, AL

    These guys are hot! Tyson & N’Tice especially!

  2. DeAngelo, Memphis, TN

    now look ain’t no way to do shitr with not a one of yall’ fagget as a buy cose you sell no way rip of and it do not even print or save lil fagget ass boys please and buy if not come to 439 Beal Street Apt#608.

  3. jeff garrett

    this is hot esp. tyson

  4. maricon

    the most beautiful, sexiest calendar i love Rock

  5. Jeryl, Decatur, GA

    love me some Smooth

  6. glidewell

    nice men baby lets FUCK RAW

  7. diamond

    This is a wonderful calender. Please e-mail me one. Thank you

  8. Josh

    I never knew I could get so horny just finding out what day it is!

  9. Lawrance

    great job on the calander and the selection of guys especially Breion, Tyson and Flamez

  10. mike, grovetown, GA

    Breion came come up my chimney anytime. it dont have to be Christmas. lol

  11. Edward, Bloemfontein, Other

    Love Rock and Smooth…

  12. loyd

    am in love with rock and N’tice

  13. tone b hurt

    Please get this calendar back in stock!

  14. tray

    i just want to shove all them dicks i seen into my moth and ass

  15. mrhotbody

    i lick the pics kip it up bros i lick tyson ntick and mannyt

  16. JUNIOR


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